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MackSolo Team Update: So this is ...

Dimitar Dimitrov 16/02/2022 09:35:13


MackSolo Team Update:
So this is it: Mack announced yesterday at the EFG Flying School at London Biggin Hill Airport his intention for RTW solo flight, leaving 17th March from Sofia, Bulgaria ✈️.

Perhaps not a surprise as Mack was born in a family of aviators ✈️. His father Sam is a professional ferry pilot and ex-Army helicopter pilot, his mother Beatrice is a private pilot. His sister Zara is a private pilot too and on 20 January last she completed her own circumnavigation, becoming the youngest woman in history to do so.

But it doesn’t stop there: on Mack’s father’s side, his grandmother was with the WAAF (Women’s Auxilary Airforce), his great-grandmother was one of the first South-African women to learn to fly and his great-grand-uncle was an RAF war- hero flying a Catalina in Sri Lanka. On his mother’s side, his grandfather and great-grandfather were pilots too ✈️✈️.

Since he became a pilot at 15 he has been dreaming about and planning his solo flight around the globe ?. In the meantime his sister Zara became the youngest woman to fly around the world, which gave Mack an additional spur to set off.

Mack will start his trip in Sofia, Bulgaria, the location of his sponsor ICDSoft. From there he will fly south to Africa, stopping in Congo, Madagascar and Mauritius. Next he will head north to Oman, UAE and east to Kazakhstan and across Russia. He will cross the Bering Strait into Alaska and continue along the west coast of America to Mexico. Then he will head north again along the east coast to Canada, he will cross the Atlantic, stop in Iceland, the UK and finish his journey in Sofia.

Mack hopes to meet young people on his route around the globe who do incredible things ✨, making a difference ? to their communities or even to the world.

Thank you to the Biggin Hill Efg Flying School, the Falcon family and London Biggin Hill Airport for all your help and support. ✈️

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